Finding Sauce

Griffeen Valley Educate Together N.S.Lucan, 4th Class, 11th October 2012
One day, there was a spaghetti snake called Snoodle who was feeling a bit lonely because she was so plain.

So she decided to go on a slither around the neighborhood.

She ran into her best friend, Muhammed Box-Lee, who was a boxer dog with boxing gloves.  He was a pro boxer. They decided to go on walk through the forest.

On the way, they began talking.  Muhammed Box-Lee wouldn’t stop talking about his upcoming match.

This annoyed Snoodle because she was in a difficult situation.

Snoodle really needed to get some sauce because she was cold, and sauce for spaghetti is like a coat for people. She also wanted it because she thought it would make her cooler - a lot of people thought she was boring. 
As they walked through the forest, they suddenly saw their enemy, Doc-Ban, an evil spaghetti eating banana!

Doc-Ban didn’t even hesitate, he just ran right for them. Snoodle and her best friend made a run for the teapot where she lived. 

Just then, they noticed that General Pizza-Pants (Doc-Ban’s sidekick) had came down in a pizza box from the sky.

Pizza-Pants took his pepperoni off and fired it at them like frisbees...