Finding the Lost City

St. Patrick’s National School, Enniskerry, 2nd/3rd/4th Class, 5th December 2012
One day, Sharktopus was playing outside with his best friend, Dinoshark. Sharktopus has eight tentacles and is half shark, half octopus.

His mother was a shark and his father was an octopus.

Dinoshark is a type of shark that looks more like a dinosaur. He is red and has spikes on his back. And he’s MASSIVE!

“How about we go off some day to look for something interesting?” asked Dinoshark.

“Okay. Let’s try and find the Lost City. I think it’s in the deepest darkest part of the cave in the sea,” replied Sharktopus.

He was really excited and said, “We should probably ask our parents first.”

They went to their parents and their parents told them, “It’s going to be hard to defeat the vampire pig that guards the Lost City...”

They decided to go on their journey the next day anyway.

On the way, they met lots of weird quirky creatures...