The Fight for Love

Balbriggan Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, Wednesday 30th November 2011
Susie lives in a big castle. She only meets Tony at school. Susie likes Tony.

One day, Tony goes on a holiday to the moon and Susie misses him a lot. She is very upset because they can’t communicate.

Susie says to her mum and dad, “I want to go to the moon, please.”

Her mum and dad reply, “No! No! No!”

Susie decides she will find another boyfriend. She goes to every nice boy and asks, “Will you be my boyfriend?” 

They all say no because they think she is ugly. Also, when Susie shows the class that she can make rainbows, they think she is a monster.

Susie likes boxing, so Todd, who is a boxer, decides he will go out with Susie. They spend a lot of time at boxing competitions. Tony comes back and finds Susie and Todd are together.

Tony says, “Todd, I am her boyfriend and she doesn’t like you anymore.”

They decide to fight for Susie’s love in the O2 Stadium in Dublin…