Plas Mhuire 4th/5th Class , 25th February 2009
There was a very fat man called Tayto Potato. He was rolling  to the fast food shop, he was rolling so he could get to the food quicker. When he got to the fast food shop, he bought everything and ate it all.

Tayto Potato wanted to be a superhero, so he needed a six pack, a flat stomach. But he was afraid of low fat food, as he had been eating only crips for five years. He never ate anything else.

Tayto Potato was rolling down Fat Joe Street. He rolled over Skinny Joe and he asked him, “How did you get so skinny?” Skinny Joe replied, ”I ate low fat food.”

Tayto Potato started screaming, “Aghhhhhh!” “Whats wrong?” asked Skinny Joe. Tayto Potato started crying and said,”I’ll tell you later.”

Skinny Joe decided to help Tayto Potato. Tayto Potato said, “Thanks.”

Skinny Joe brought Tayto Potato to the gym, but Tayto Potato got stuck in the door! Joe managed to get him out and tried to get Tayto to do some push ups.

Tayto only did one and a half. He was so heavy he fell through the floor and squished a little kid!

Skinny Joe advised Tayto to change his diet and said, ”You start eating cereals and vegetables, instead of all those crisps.”...