Father French Fry vs Usher

Scoil San Seamuis, 4th class, 7 September 2009.
Father French Fry, the world’s fattest man, was going to the shop.  He had to get a lift because he was too heavy to run.  But when he hopped in, the car collapsed!

His friend, Tom, who was the world’s silliest man, asked  him if he wanted to go for a game of tennis.  Father French Fry said, “How?”  And Tom said, “We’ll get a double-decker bus!  It won’t collapse!”


When they got to the game, Father French Fry was soooo large he couldn’t swing his arm to hit the ball.

So they gave up the game and went off for an ice cream instead.  Father French Fry ordered an extra-extra-EXTRA-large ice cream.

While they were eating their ice creams, they heard Usher singing on the radio.  Father French Fry was soooooo scared when he heard this, he screamed for his life and said to Tom, “Let’s get outta here!”





They ran home – but when they got there, they found Usher in the house, wearing his glasses and reading the Bible!  Usher was singing out the words of the Bible!  “Ah gotta Bible…Ah need to learn some reeeeligiooon,” Usher was singing.

Father French Fry and Tom legged it out of the house and ran to the market.  Usher followed them but coudn’t find them anywhere.  “Aw, ma-a-an,” Usher said, “Where’d those two guys get to?”

Then suddenly he saw them running back towards home.  They went into the house, but Father French Fry had set a trap!  He picked Usher up and threw him out the door!.........