Fasty the Lost Cheetah

St. Vincent de Paul IS, 1st class, 25th May 2021

There once was a cheetah called Fasty and his greatest wish was to see his family.

He was only a baby when he lost his family.

He wanted to find his family but he couldn’t get past Stripey the Tiger.

Stripey wouldn’t let him get to the desert to find his family. 

Fasty was also too thirsty to find his family and he was only three-years-old.

He decided to make a run for it.

Fasty found Lily the lost leopard in a broken wasteland in the desert. 

“Hello,” said Fasty. “Will you help me find my family?”

“Yes,” said Lily. “I would love to help you find your family.”

Suddenly, Stripey the Tiger flew in on a glider...