A Farmers Day Out

Our Lady of Victories BNS Ballymun 5th Class 29th March 2011
One day John-Joe the farmer was walking on the fields of Athenry. 

Willy the Hillbilly was being chased by a one- eyed gypsy.  It turns out that  Willy had stolen some corn from the gypsy.

John-Joe dropped his sandwich and when he bent down to pick it up - BANG!!! He and Willy crashed into each other.

“Alrigh’”, said Willy as he jumped into a bush to hide on the gypsy.

John-Joe pointed his fingers left and right. 

He said to the gypsy, “He went…that-a-way,” and pointed in the opposite direction to where Willy was hiding.

As the gypsy was walking away, Willy said, “Thanks! My name is Willy the Hillbilly, and I have been nominated for a Golden Carrot Award.

Would you like to come to the award ceremony with me.

t would be a thank you gift for saving me!”

Just then, John-Joe and Willy saw a green fog in the sky.  “Is it a bird?  No.  Is it a plane?  No. It’s Farty Bean Man!” exclaimed John-Joe.