The Fairy who Lived in a Castle

St Vincent’s GNS, 1st Class, 17 January 2012
Once upon a time, in an evil castle, one of those dark, smelly, dirty castles…in Australia…there lived an evil fairy, Magra, and her daughter Flowerpot.

Now, Flowerpot was a good fairy, who liked ballet, and Magra was secretly jealous.

 And so, all day long, Magra made Flowerpot clean the WHOLE castle, from top to bottom and bottom to top, without a cloth, without a sponge, WITH A TOOTHBRUSH.

At night before bed, Magra made Flowerpot pick all the nits out of her hair; for dinner, she makes her eat frogs; and she makes her pick her yellow toe-nails!!

One day, Flowerpot decided she had had ENOUGH! 

So she goes to visit her best friend, Molly the talking rabbit, and she said in a tortured voice: “aaah Molly, will ye ever help us get a new ma, me own ma is reeeeeeeealy mean to me!”

“Alright,” says Molly, “let’s go find the fairy god-mother, and she’ll grant you a wish of a new ma!”

Flowerpot rushed back to the castle to pack her stuff, but her ma caught her and screamed, “WHATIYE DOIN!? Are you tryin’ to escape!?”