The End

St. Vncent's Boys National School, 1st Class, 11/03/10
Splatter Head showed up at the counter of a chipper.  Toaster Brain was working  at the chipper. The name of the chipper was Dog Moustache.

Splatter Head said, “what do you want to eat?”

“Chicken balls, chips and tomatoes.”

He ate and drank all of his food. Then he went back to the shop to do karate on Toaster Brain because he didn’t like his brain.

Splatter Head won and went home.  Wolfy, his best friend, jumped down the chimney. Wolfy was a wolfman.  Suddenly he turned into a huge giant toaster.

“Let’s make a deal to be friends. No more fighting or we won’t be friends anymore,” said Splatter Head.

Wolfy replied, “what happened to me? I ate too much!”

“You ate too much and you turned into a toaster. Your toaster brain is getting bigger,” said Splatter Head.

Wolfy stopped eating and eventually turned back into a wolfman.

Splatter Head was eating everybody’s dinner because he was starving. He wanted to get a fat belly.

He had also bought special seeds at the chipper to grow another head so that he could see more things…