Elizabeth and the Missing Dog

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumount, 2nd Class, 18th November 2019

Elizabeth the Barbie Doll was playing on the slides in the park.

After the slides, she brought her dog Jeff for a walk.

Elizabeth went to Centra to buy potatoes and dog food. She went to the till to pay.

Elizabeth looked around and her dog wasn’t there.

Elizabeth tried to call the cops but nobody answered.

Then something even worse happened!

A giant hand picked her up and suddenly she was in a Barbie Doll box.

Elizabeth was in a pet shop.

A turtle escaped from its tank and bit a hole in the box. Elizabeth was afraid.

She heard a voice, “Susan! Tidy up your Barbie dolls!”

On the wall, there was a poster that read: MISSING – A DOG NAMED JEFF...