Eggo and the Amazing Adventure

Scoil Grainne, 5th class, 18th September 2020

My name is Eggo the White-Shelled Egg.

I was born in a basket on Easter with other eggs.

All the other eggs hatched and went away but I was still there.

My dream is to become human. 

My friend Grum the Skeleton Dog is helping me to achieve my dream.

He lives in a shed. Grum goes out to get food so that I can stay hidden from Grim the Magic Wolf.

We sneak out at night to avoid him. 

The week before Easter, we were in Easter Egg City which is owned by the Chicken King, Chickenling-a-King.

Chickenling-a-King told us not to go to the border because there’s humans there that can kill us.

We still went because we were concerned. 

Suddenly we both got hit and were unconscious…