Sacred Heart SNS, Killinarden, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 28 June 2021

Da baby was born in a basement and his mam was called Da Mother. Da baby went to Mr. MacLiam’s class and got an egg to the head.

That was why he was afraid of Mr. MacLiam’s class and where he got his nickname, Egghead.

Da baby invented the Coronavirus to wipe them out.

He cried to his friend, M and M off-brand the rapper. 

‘Crybaby!’ said M and M off-brand the rapper.

Da baby went to his lab to make some more Covid juice.

He put it in Mr. MacLiam’s class’ hot lunch. 

The lunch lady was watching him because she was a big fan and saw Da baby do this.

So, she switched the hot lunches…