The Earth is Gone by Mrs. McConkey

Mr. McConkey comes down on his UFO and collects her at the top of the haunted house. She goes to space and  brings a fridge with her and throws it at the earth.She brings a plasma screen with her and they watch TV in the space ship.

She sees some children and she gets scared.

“Help me. Get me off this planet.  I am far away from earth. I will never come back. I’m very scared.”

“Ok, I’ll help you” Mr. McConkey says in an alien voice, “I’ll get you a genie lamp”.

Mrs. McConkey rubs the lamp and says that she wishes to destroy the earth. The genie comes out of the lamp.  His name is Adil.

He has a red towel wrapped round his head and has purple and gold arm bands on his two arms. He has a green coat. 

He is a good genie but he hates a genie called Abdal and he hates Mrs. McConkey because she shouted at him. 

He has a pet dinosaur. The dinosaur’s name is T-Rex. 

The genie lets the dinosaur chase Mr and Mrs McConkey and they fall out of the space ship...