Holy Child BNS, Larkhill 4th Class 24th June 2010
Once there was a little leprechaun born in Garfnogg.

His name was Jimmy and he did not have pointy ears. As he grew up, he wanted his girlfriend to be Jane Leprechaun.

When he got older he was cursed by the Editor to be an enormous dwarf.

The Editor was everyone’s worst enemy. He wasn’t really a dwarf, he just thought he was one.

Fred, a dwelf (a half dwarf and half elf), was also cursed by the Editor to think that he was an enormous dwarf.

When Jimmy got older his mom and dad were pushed into a bottmless pot of gold by the Editor.

They were never seen again. Jimmy was adopted by a dwelf. Their son was Fred.

Jimmy wanted revenge on the Editor for pushing his parents into a bottomless pot of gold.

Jane was the Editor’s daughter, and he would win her if he defeated the Editor