The Drop Kicking Monkey

St Laurence OTooles CBS Sherriff Street 2nd Class 10th May 2011
Once upon a time there was a man called Stewie and he ate too many pizzas One day, Stewie turned into a flying pizza. “Oh NO!” he said, “What’s happening to me on this very good day?”

Stewie’s dog Banjo tried to eat him.  He shouted, “STOP Banjo!” and he flew up onto the table.

His wife, Lisa, saw him and decided to cook him an arm out of chips.

Stewie’s best friend, Orange the annoying monkey, kicked the door down and jumped into Stewie’s house. He shouted, “Stop eating my friend!”

Orange thought Lisa was going to eat Stewie.

“But I was only cooking arms for him,” Lisa told him.

Orange took Stewie out of the house and brought him to the doctor.

The doctor told Stewie that he would be all right but that he needed to find 10,000 chocolate burgers to turn back into a human.

“I must warn you”, said the doctor. “The Crazy-Burger Superhero has all of the chocolate burgers and he won’t share them with anyone as he loves them too much.”