The Dragons Save The World

St. Thomas’ JNS, 2nd class, County Wicklow, 26th February 2019

Once upon a time there was a cat named Lightfury. They had the body and wings of a dragon but tail of a lizard.

They lived in Knockandburn Castle inside a volcano. His greatest fear was Flynn the magic evil dragon.

One Thursday when Lightfury got up, they went out of the volcano onto the grass.

They saw Flynn the magic evil dragon kidnap Ghastly the human, Lightfury’s best friend.

Flynn the magic evil dragon then saw Tackaract, the purple dragon.

He put Ghastly down the sewer. He flew away very fast to his own castle.

Ghastly was really scared because Flynn was very scary with his sharp teeth and he also wanted to take over the world.

But there was one thing that stopped Flynn.

He needed to get a special potion before he could take over the world, the special potion that Lightfury had hidden underneath their volcano.

Flynn suddenly came back and saw that Tackaract was crying on his own.

He went over and asked, “Do you want to friends with me?”

Flynn wanted Tackaract on his side so they could both attack Lightfury…