The Dragon and the Princess Adventures

Our Lady Immaculate JNS Darndale 11th February 2011
Once upon a time there was a dragon named Spike.  He had a friend named Emily who was a princess.

They had met when Emily was locked up in her room.  Spike had rescued her by flying over a lake of boiling hot lava.

Even though Spike had rescued Emily, he had never told her that he was a secret agent. He feared that if he told her that he was a secret agent, she would no longer want to be his friend.

He knew this could happen because Emily told him that she disliked secret agents.  She thought they would try to betray her.

One day, Spike and Emily went for a walk to the lake. 

Emily fell into the water! Spike jumped into the lake and saved her yet again by doing a double backflip.

Emily started to get suspicious that Spike is not an ordinary dragon.

Emily asked him, “Do you have a secret?”

Spike wanted to tell Emily his secret, but he couldn’t.  He was embarassed that he couldn’t spit out fire…