The Dragon and the Princess

Scoil Mhuire agus Eoin, 1st Class, County Cork, 14 January 2020

Once there was a dragon that lived in the woods. This dragon flew in the sky.

The dragon had lots of friends in the forest. The dragon was flying into God.

God told the dragon that his best friend would be a princess. One day a princess came to the woods.

There was an evil wizard who wanted to capture the dragon.

But another dragon helped him, when the princess came into the forest she saw the dragon, the princess saw the dragon and she was amazed.

The dragon saw the princess and flew to the ground to say hi to the princess.

Every evening the princess sneaks into the forest to play with the dragon and they became best friends.

One night when the princess went out she saw that the dragon was in trouble.

The evil wizard and a witch were attacking the dragon, the wizard and witch were in a helicopter and they dropped a giant net to try and capture the dragon.

Then the princess saw the other dragon and called him to help.

The princess put on some knights armour and helped the dragon...