A dragon’s fight

SN Naomh Breandán Annaghdown Co. Galway, Fighting Words Galway

Lightning was in his cave wondering what to do. Electro came in and they went outside.

There was a bad guy in the bushes trying to shoot them, but Electro electrified the bad guy.

But they did not know that the man owned Volcano so he burnt the town to a crisp.

Volcano was the biggest dragon in the village. Lightning and Electro were the best of friends and they would never grow apart.

Electro the man with electrical powers asked Lightning if he could jump on his back and fly to a new village. Electro and Lightning saw an apple pie and ate it, and it teleported them to a new village.

Then they went to get the apple pie again. But before they ate the apple pie they saw a flying guinea pig who belly flopped Volcano and the guinea pig followed them back home.

Then Volcano hurt Electro in the head, and it was sore for a month, but it was better again after that. Then Lightning and Eletro went to see where Volcano lived.

Then Lightning said “Maybe we could bring the guinea pig back again so the guinea pig could bring us to Cuckoo Land and we will be safe”

Electro said “We don’t need to go to Cuckoo Land we need to go to see where Volcano lives”

But before they could finish the conversation toilets attacked them from the sky.

Electro got wrapped up with toilet roll! The guinea pig came back and smashed up all the toilets and saved them from the toilet paper.

Then the toilets fell down and smashed on Volcano’s head...