Dr Jelly and the Great Quest

St.Thomas SNS, Tallaght, 6th Class, 24th February 2014
On a crazy day, in a crazy house, at a crazy time, Dr Jelly was dreaming of the Candy Floss Cloud in Sugar Plum Land.

He woke up to find his fish made of jelly was missing. Dr Jelly phoned his best friend, Mr Wobbles, the jelly skelly.

“My poor fish, Jimmy, is gone. Could you help me find him?”

“I’ll be over straightaway!” said Mr Wobbles.

When Mr Wobbles got to Dr Jelly’s house, a multicoloured marshmallow mansion, he burst through the door and found Dr Jelly talking to himself.

“If I ever want to go on the Candy Floss Cloud, I want Jimmy to be with me!” Dr Jelly was saying to himself.

Mr Wobbles knew that it was Dr Jelly’s greatest dream to go on the Candy Floss Cloud.

Mr Wobbles said, “You can’t go on the Candy Floss Cloud.”

Dr Jelly said, “Why can’t I?”

Mr Wobbles said, “Because of the Pirate Jelly and because Jimmy’s gone! So I will help you on your quest.”

Dr Jelly said, “Let’s go. There’s no time to lose...”