Double Trouble

She has to wear gloves when she’s stroking her cat. Her cat feels bony and wrinkly if she strokes it without her gloves.

She talks to the cat about the stories that she edits.

“Oh Cornelius Cornelius is there a good story out there, Oh Cornelius Cornelius please bring back your hair” she says.

The cat purrs and licks his paws.
She’s sitting in her office and she gets a call from the principal.

The principal says.

“Come down here now, your children stuffed the toilets with books which caused a flood in the school” says the principal angrily.

Mrs. McConkey grabs her cat and puts it in her large bag and takes a limo to the school.
When she gets to the school there’s water everywhere. She goes into the principal’s office.

“Your children are really bold” says the principal......