Double-Stuffed, Double Trouble

Wicklow Montessori School, 5th/6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 29 April 2021

One day, Pengy was sitting in his police car eating fish-flavoured donuts. Ory the oreo, his best friend, came to say hi.

“Hi Pengy, how is saving up for the mansion igloo coming along,” asked Ory.

“Not very well,” replied Pengy. “I’ve spent it all on donuts.”

Pengy was in crippling debt and he needed to take out a loan at Chicky’s Quick Cash.

“I’ll come over to the bank with you, I know Chicky well,” said Ory.

When Ory opened the door to the police car, hundreds of fish-flavoured donuts fell out.

On the drive over, they heard that Samantha the Seal and Foxy the Fox had teamed up. 

“Oh no, I thought those two were in prison, how did they get out,” Pengy said in disbelief.

“What if they’re coming for my creamy insides,” screamed Ory anxiously.

Suddenly, Pengy stopped the car. He saw that his dream mansion igloo was up for sale. But, someone else was trying to buy it.

“No! How will I be able to afford this on time,” said Pengy.

“There is a reward for the one who catches Samantha and Foxy. You could receive a million euro, a million donuts or a million euro igloo mansion,” said the news reporter.

They got back in the car and made their way to the bank. Ory looked out the window and to his horror saw a tall human had his family in their hands. 

“Don’t worry Ory, I will save your family’s double stuffed insides,” exclaimed Pengy in a heroic voice.

Pengy took action but the tall human grabbed him and said, “I’m doing you a favour. Your best friend back-stabbed you and bought something important to you.”

Pengy turned slowly to Ory with fire in his eyes. In the spur of the moment, he took an oreo from the human’s hand and ate it whole while making direct contact with Ory...