The Dopey Dinosaur’s Adventures

St. Fergals, 4th Class, County Wicklow, 17 April  2018

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur called Dopey the Dinosaur.

He was walking through the dangerous jungle in the magical fairy land.

When Dapsy, the Dog with the diaper, jumped out from a bush.

“Watch out, I’m going to attack you,” Dapsy the Dog shouted in a bark.

“But I’m a stegosaurus,” said Dopey the Dinosaur,” I have spikes on my tail.”

Fatty the Frog came out of a lake.

Fatty the Frog said, “Please, leave him alone, or something bad will happen to you.”

“Ah, look at both of you hard lads,” said Dapsy in a squeaky voice.

“Well I’ll turn in to a human and RKO you,” threatened Fatty.

Just then, a dinosaur control van came out of nowhere…