Don Gets Doughnut-Napped

Ballyboughal National School, 5th/6th Class, 6th November 2012
Once upon a time in a doughnut shop in a different world in a different galaxy (no one knows where it is) lived Don the Doughnut.

He had a best friend whose name was Fred the Flying Fish.  Fred was the shop assistant’s pet.  Fred once saved Don the Doughnut from being eaten by flying out of his bowl and biting the person.  Since then they had been best friends.

Don the doughnut had legs made of sprinkles because a rock from space came and smashed through the roof and hit Don. The legs had just appeared.

One day, at midday, the two friends were talking beside Fred’s bowl.

Don said, “I really want to go to Doughnut Land!” with an excited look on his face. 

“Are you out of your mind?” said Fred. “Do you even know where Doughnut Land is? It’s probably hundreds and hundreds of miles away.”

Just then, a customer opened the door.  Don jumped back into his paper bag.

Unfortunately the customer picked up that exact bag and bought it and went to leave the store.  Fred was very concerned and astonished. 

Fred flew out of his bowl and when the customer opened the door, he flew after him to save his friend.

He was horrified that Don would be eaten because he knew that was Don’s greatest fear.

The customer got into her car with Don still in his bag.  Don was terrified and began trying to get out of the bag.

The customer put the bag on the passenger seat.  As she began to drive, the bag fell on the floor.  Just then, Fred noticed that one of the windows was slightly open and he slipped in just before the car started for home.
What would happen next?