The Doll's House

Milly, age 10 - Dublin

A young girl was skipping down an empty, narrow street.

A huge black board covered up one of the shop windows.

Coloured chalk dust coated the ground and pieces of chalk were dotted across the ground.

The girl picked up one of the pieces and wrote her name along with the many others.

'ALMA' she wrote in capital letters. She could hear a mechanical whirring from the shop opposite. She turned around and saw a doll shop.

Alma gasped at what she saw. It was just a doll, but it looked just like her.

The door creaked open beside her. She walked in, not knowing her fate.

A small mechanical bike with a small doll was lying on the ground.

Alma picked it up and it cycled into the door repeatedly.

Alma looked away from the bike and back towards her doppelgänger doll.

She stretched out but couldn’t reach the doll. She felt as if all the dolls were looking at her.

She looked around the room for something she could stand on. Alma saw a footstool on the far side of the room.

She dragged it over to the shelf she reached up, her hand centimetres from the doll’s face, her fingers touched the doll’s plastic nose and...

Alma felt her feet lifting off the ground. She was floating towards the doll. Soon she could no longer see the doll.

She could see the other dolls, and the ground, and the edge of the shelf through her legs.

There was only one explanation. She was the doll...