Dog’s Life

​Cuilmore National School, Castlebar, Mayo, 2nd - 6th Class, 13th December 2016 

Terrified of being eaten by a T-Rex, Pog the dog lives on a farm in the middle of no where with a few chickens, a sheep and a goat. 

​Paulie the Puppy goes to Pog the dog looking very worried and says “I can’t find Popcorn the Poptart cat”.

We are having a party for her because she is leaving for Lanzarote for a holiday today. 

“She is gone to buy more chickens” says Pog the dog 

Pog and Paulie are best friends, so they start to prepare the surprise party.

They walk to the isolated hanger and they open the doors but the Fighter Jet that was a surprise for Popcorn the Poptart Cat is missing.