The Dog with the Fear of a Hairdryer

St Laurence O'Toole GNS, Sheriff Street, 4th Class, 10th March 2009
One cold, crisp day, there was a dog called Champ in the dog pound.  He was with his best friend Angel.

They were playing with Angel’s gorgeous pups and they were having fun.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Champ asked Angel.

“Yes, you can help me take care of my pups,” said Angel.

Champ said to Angel, “I like your pups.”  He thought to himself, though, that he would like his own pups as well.

The owner of the dog pound was drying another dog’s hair with the hair dryer and one of Angel’s pups ran over and started barking. 

Champ got a fright and hid behind Angel.

“Angel, I’m afraid of hair dryers!” said Champ. 

“How come you’re afraid of hair dryers and I’m not?” asked Angel.

“It’s not my fault, it’s just my fear,” said Champ.

“I’m sure you’re afraid of something.”

“You are just going to have to face your fear,” Angel told Champ. “I’m afraid of hoovers but I have to face that fear.” ...