Dippy and His Candy Issues

Holy Family National School, Donegal 11th February 2019

My name is Dippy. I'm a dolphin. I'm looking for a best friend.

None of the other sea-creatures like me.

I love swimming in the water. Maybe I need a friend who's not a sea-creature.

Dippy is adopted by a starfish. Dippy finds a friend, and it's a tiger called Timmy.

Dippy's biggest fear is sharks. He hates sharks!

He really, really wants sweets and candy.

Children who come to see Dippy have colourful stuff - but Dippy doesn't know what it is.

Dippy finds out it's candy, and he wants it, but he has a dentist appointment the next day.

When he's at the dentist, he gets one of his teeth pulled out, and it really hurts!

After the dentist, Dippy plays with his friend Timmy.

When Dippy goes home, Timmy gives him loads of candy.

Timmy doesn't know that he's just been to the dentist.

The next day Dippy goes looking for the candy, but it's gone.

He thinks it's because of the sharks, because they love candy too.