Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner Fat Man

St Andrew’s NS, Bray, County Wicklow, 3rd Class, 8th February 2017

Once in a land faraway, in the world of Fat, there was no exercise and there lived a King called Jimbo Fat Man, short for Fatticus.

One day he got blanked out of being King because of some idle baby who framed him for the crime of exercise.

The baby’s name was Little Chubby.

Every day Little Chubby loved to jump off a cliff and land on a bouncy castle.

When Jimbo the Fat Man got kicked out of the kingdom, his best friend Geoffrey the Mega Pickle Pug got kicked out as well for doing even more exercise. 

One day Little Chubby jumped and landed in the wrong place, broke his leg and was unable to be a king…