Desert of the Diamond

Star of the Sea BNS, Sandymount. 3rd Class
One horrible day, 800 years ago, a baby zombie called Zombie Kong was born. A comet landed not far off the horizon and only one single cell survived.

He was this cell and grew and grew and grew over time until his cell cracked open. 

“I’m free!” he roared.

He wandered to a dump and found a warehouse. Inside the warehouse there was a person training in Kung Fu. Her name was Kung Fu Granny.

She attacked Zombie Kong but he said “Can you back off? I just want to be your friend, my name is Zombie Kong.”

No one ever listened to or cared about Kung Fu Granny before. So she agreed to be friends. “My name is Kung Fu Granny. I want to get my revenge on everyone who has neglected me” she told Zombie Kong.

“I’m looking for a diamond.  It’s a kind of mega jewellery that can turn everyone into zombies” said Zombie Kong.

Together they set off to the pyramids in the deserts of Egypt to find this diamond. They looked for a very long time – two millenniums in fact.

They had to go through quick-sand, sand-storms, twisters, and even the tomb of Tutankhamun. To make matters worse, Zombie Kong was afraid of light (because it made him melt) so they had to travel in the dark.

They saw the tallest pyramid of them all and Zombie Kong had a gut feeling that this was where the diamond was located.

 “This is definitely the one, we have to find a way in” he cried...