From Denmark with Love

Sutton Park School, 6th Class, 4th October 2012
Samoa the elephant gazed through binoculars at Oan the gorilla from the tree she was birdwatching in.

She fell out of the tree and Oan ran over to see if she was okay.  But as he was running, poachers suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The poachers captured Oan and brought him to a zoo in Denmark. 

“Oh, no!” Samoa thought. “Now I will never get a kiss from Oan!” 

Denmark was Samoa’s greatest fear.  Samoa especially feared the attack cows in Denmark with wings on their hooves, who licked people into submission. 

To add on top of that, the only way to get to Denmark and save Oan was to cross the border on a giant playtapus. 

Unfortunately, there were not many platypuses left in the world. 

First, Samoa had to find one...