Defeating Mrs. Pomegranate

St. Saviours NS, 5th and 6th class, County Wicklow, 12 June, 2019

One day Mr. Banana Man woke up with Paul the Rock sitting on his mushy face.  Paul the Rock was shaving his legs!

Suddenly, Mr. Banana Man’s mum broke the door open and screamed, “IT’S TIME TO GET UP FOR FRUIT SCHOOL!”

Mr. Banana Man got a fright, and ripened, as he said to Paul, “Scoochamooch!”

Paul rolled off Mr. Banana Man onto the floor, but he was so heavy he smashed through the floor and made a hole in the floor!

“You’re paying for that!” exclaimed Mr. Banana Man’s mum, “Good thing your parents are rich!”

Mr. Banana Man’s mum went to the kitchen and started blending. 

Instead of taking the stairs, Mr. Banana Man jumped through the hole and fell on top of his mum.

Out of fright, he shot potassium at the blender.

“Moooooom, you know I’m afraid of blenders!” complained Mr. Banana Man.

Later that day in school, he finds out that his teacher is sick and the substitute teacher is…his arch nemesis MRS. POMEGRANATE!...