Dead and Alive

4th class, St Georges National School, Balbriggan. 15th September 2009
Mystique the Mysterious Curse, a Ghost, was at the graveyard on the hill, looking at her own grave. She was feeling sad.

All of a sudden she sees a Goblin, dressed in rags, running along while looking behind him. He trips and falls on his face in the mud.

“Hey, watch where you’re going! I’m trying to not die again here,” she said to Gooby the Goblin.

“You can’t die again! You’re already a Ghost,” Gooby said to Mystique.

Mystique gets upset and starts to cry a little. “I’m going to be real again soon!”

“I’m sorry I upset you… My name is Gooby,” said the Goblin.

“It’s okay. My name is Mystique.”

They decide to go to Corpse House Café, next to the graveyard, for a poison coffee.

They then go to Mystique’s house, but Mystique’s dad doesn’t like Gooby and tells him to get out. Mystique grabs her backpack and runs after Gooby.

Mystique and Gooby go to the Ghost King in a big Castle to ask him how to be a real person again.

The King said to her, “You need to go back to your old house and search for clues as to how to be a real person again.”........