A Day in the Dungeons

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, 3rd Class. 16 November 2009
Sir Snort-a-Lot and his wife Lady Snort-a-Lot rule the planet of pigs.  They live in a giant castle made of mud and muck.

Cheesy the Cheese tries to get into Sir Snort-a-Lot’s safe where he keeps all his ham.  But he is caught by the Burger Guards.  They throw him into the a puddle of mud in the dungeons.

“I really hope the Cheese Guards hurry up and come and get me.  That way I can get your ham one day!” Cheesy said to them.

 Sir Snort-a-Lot and Lady Snort-a-Lot are frightened by the break-in.  They go and hide in Cheesy’s own castle, thinking that they’d be safe in Cheesy’s castle – the last place Cheesy would look for them!

The two pigs are caught by the Mouldy Cheese Guards, who throw them in the dungeon.

Sir Snort-a-Lot says, “We’ll be able to get out of here, we can eat our way out.  It’s just cheese, it’s not like we’re allergic to it.”

Lady Snort-a-Lot says, “But I’m allergic to it.”

“I’ll eat our way out,” says Sir Snort-a-Lot. “Don’t worry.”

Meanwhile, in Sir Snort-a-Lot’s dungeon, Cheesy is getting hungry so he nibbles a bit of his finger. Then he remembers that he doesn’t like cheese.

“Holy cheese!” he says as he spits it out and sticks his finger back on. “I need to get the ham out of the safe to melt myself on it because Lady Snort-a-Lot is allergic to me.”........