The Day Candyland Falls

Bayside SNS, Sutton, 3rd Class, 6th December 2011
One day there was an evil Dr. Nosepicker who was picking his nose in the forest.

He hadn’t realised there was a snake slithering up his back.

Buddy and Creamy Chew-wow-waa walked by Dr. Nosepicker and he started flicking snots at them.

Buddy was a chocolate labrador with superpowers in his afro and he shot chocolate balls back at Dr. Nosepicker.

Creamy ran away and crashed straight into a building which was actually a giant domino.

It fell over and knocked over the next one…and the next one…and the next one…

The last domino was about to fall and crush Candyland!

Buddy and Creamy shouted, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

We’ve got to save Candyland!”