​Wicklow ETNS, 4th Class, 17th November 2016

“Oh, Oh! Spagetti-o,” said Jay as he got out of bed to go to school. Jay heard fire sirens.

He peeked out the window and saw smoke coming from the direction of his school; his school was on fire! 

He looked over and immediately thought to himself that a villain called Black Skull was burning down the school.

Jay heard his mother turn on the radio and the reporter said: “There’s a fire in the area!” 

He looked over towards the school and saw a black shadow jumping down from the roof. Jay got up and got dressed quickly and went to have a better look. 

He saw someone with a gas mask and flame-thrower lighting the school on fire…

When Jay sees the guy with the gas mask he immediately runs over to his best friend, the Sacred Tree, to get advice. But he comes to the tree and the tree is on fire. 

Suddenly Black Skull comes out of the school with a weird chemical and Jay runs over to grab the chemical to stop him: but he accidentally he pours it on himself...