Daniel's greates fear

St Philip the Apostle JNS, Clonsilla, 15th November 2011
Once upon a time, there was a vampire called Daniel.  He liked to fly and play guitar. 

He couldn’t talk because he couldn’t pull out his two front teeth.  If he’d had fewer teeth he could have got more food into his mouth.  
Daniel needed a potion to become Sponge Bieber.  He had to put five sponges and a Bieber into the potion.

Daniel the Vampire had a friend called Ice Man.  Ice Man wanted to freeze Daniel the Vampire because Daniel had taken his Ice Burger.

Daniel had taken the Ice Burger because he was hungry.

Ice Man said to Daniel, “Why don’t you go to the shop to get the Sponge Bieber potion?”

Daniel said, “I can’t because it is sunny out.”

Ice Man said, “Why don’t you drink it in here?” 

So Ice Man froze the sun. 

Daniel flew over the building. 

He arrived at the shop. 

When he got to the shop, the potion was too dear, so he got a smaller one…