The Dangers of COVID

Scoil MhuireShankill, 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 2020

Harry, the hand sanitizer, went to the shops and saw people using hand sanitizer, while he was with his friend Max, the mask.

Max the mask also saw people using masks. They were scared, so they went home. 

When they were walking home, someone picked them up. They put Max into the bin.

Max tried to jump out of the bin, but he couldn’t so Harry went home to get a rope.

When he was at home getting the rope, he saw that he had none left.

So, he had to go out and get some. 

He got the rope and went back to Max, but the bin was taking Max away in the bin truck.

Harry tried to run after Max, but he wasn’t fast enough, so he went to the shop to buy hand sanitizer to give him energy. 

Harry caught up with the bin truck, but he saw so many different masks that he couldn’t tell which one was his best friend, Max. 

Suddenly, he saw an ambulance go by with a sick person in it, and he was afraid he might get COVID-19. 

Harry met a mouse on the way called Jeremy, to help him find Max in the bin truck.

Jeremy and Harry were searching through the rubbish for Max. 

Jeremy found Max and tried to pull him out of the rubbish, but the mask