Danger in Pizza Valley

St. Fergal’s NS, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 13th November 2018

Once upon a time, there was a pepperoni pizza slice called Pizza Hat.

He had a best friend called Pat the Pepperoni.

They lived in a town called Pizza Valley.

One morning they woke up and Pat the Pepperoni said, “I want a new friend that is a chicken nugget.”

“I agree with that,” said Pizza Hat.

When they were eating breakfast, they read a new story about the Pizza Slicer.

The story said that there was a villain called Pizza Slicer who wanted to destroy all pizzas in Pizza Valley.

Pat the Pepperoni and Pizza Hat had decide to go looking for the villain when they bumped into somebody.

They bumped into Pizza Slicer but as he was dressed as another type of pizza, they didn’t realise.

“Hi, what’s your name?”

Then, thunder and lightening flashed and windows smashed as Pizza Slicer took off his disguise…