The Danger Brothers

Plas Mhuire, Dorset Street, 5th/6th Class. 6th October 2009
One stormy night Mr.Danger was in his Ma’s house thinking about all the robberies that had been on the news.

He was jealous of the robbers and decided to rob a bank.

He needed help so when he saw a poor man begging on the street he asked him if he wanted to get rich with him.

“No bother, I could do with a few bob” said Mr.Killer, the beggar.

When the bank was closed they went up on the roof and got a blue-print of the bank. They could now see where the safe was located. They got balaclavas.

Mr.Killer used to work in the bank so he knew where the guards were and where the money was. (He had been fired from the bank and his wife had thrown him out of the house a few months ago.)

Mr.Danger had a frying pan and he hit the security guard over the head and knocked him out.

Mr.Danger asked Mr.Killer if he still had his swipe card.

“Yes, I keep it in my shoe for good luck!” Mr.Killer replied.

“Phew…that stinks!” Mr.Danger said and he turned around and threw up with the smell of it.

Just then the guard woke up and called the police. The two friends knocked the guard out again with the smell of the swipe-card and locked him in the safe.

The police arrived just as Mr.Killer and Mr.Danger were escaping out of a vent. The police sent gas bombs into the bank. Mr.Killer fell asleep and was captured but Mr.Danger got away.

Mr.Danger later bailed out Mr.Killer, using his friend’s half of the money.

They saw the policeman who had thrown the gas bomb and they were afraid that they would be recognised. They dropped the swipe-card where they were hiding and the policeman recognised Mr.Killer from his picture on the card.

The policeman threw his badge on the ground and started to cry because he knew that the robbers had gotten away.

Later when they found the address on the swipe-card and went to his ex-wife’s house, the wife went mad and said

“I’m going to kill him!”

The wife went out on the streets to look for Mr.Killer but she didn’t know that he was now rich from the robbery and had bought a mansion. His limo drove by and he said to his ex “Do you want to come back with me? I live in a big mansion now.”

She punched him and said “Why didn’t you take me along to the robbery? I’m poor too, you know”.

Mr.Killer said “No…get lost” and rolled up the window of the limo.

Mr.Danger said “Stop! If you don’t want her I’ll ask her out….”