Dancing Horse's Dream

St. Michael's, 18/06/10
Jimmy the dancing horse is in the field.  He is practising his hip hop dancing for the dance-off at the RDS.

He strains a muscle doing a flip. He tries to do the splits and lands in the nettles. 

Chelsea, the Princess of Egypt, comes to help him. She says, “Hocus Pocus,” to cast a spell and fixes his leg.

Jimmy’s leg is still sore, so he decides to switch from dancing to rapping. He is a bad rapper.

The grasshoppers don’t like listening to his rapping so they want to bite him.

Piggo, the flying pig. flies in and says, “What’s up? Would you like to be my star?

I’m the manager of 50 Cent! I think you can be bigger.”

A hairy spider comes along who thinks he is Eminem, he says, “What’s up yo?

You want to be a rock star? I’ll teach you how to rap.”

His manager, Piggo the flying pig, is ignoring him because he is addicted to doughnuts…