The Dance Off

St. Brigida's BNS, Killester, 6th Class, 20 April 2010
Once upon a time there was  very stylish monster named Billy. He had a best friend called Tony who was a mafia fish.

Billy didn’t know Tony was in the mafia, let alone the Codfather. He was notorious for selling fish in South Hill. Billy’s greatest fear was not being stylish.

One day Billy got a letter to go down to the country to perform jump style dancing. He told the whole of Darndale and Ballymun and Finglas.

‘Can I get a lift to the countryside for my competition?’

Tony says ‘No cos I’m busy. Plus what are you doin dancing anyway? Dancing’s not cool.’

Billy says ‘I have to get to the countryside’ and pulls out a neon red nerf gun.
Tony says ‘Why do you have a nerf gun that shoots water?’

Billy retorts ‘I found it under your bed.’

Tony says ‘Give it to me, I need it to keep hydrated.’