Cutey and Rexy Go To The Moon

St. Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired, 08/06/10
Cutey the dog lived in a bungalow.  Rexy the dinosaur lived in a flat right beside him.

Cutey the dog forgot to get his fetching stick.  He said, “uh-oh.  I’m going to get a new fetching stick.”

He went next door to get his best friend, Rexy.  But Rexy wasn’t there.  “Maybe he’s gone shopping,” Cutey thought to himself.

Cutey the dog went to look for Rexy.  He went all around the town to look for him.  It was raining.  “Oh no, I don’t like the rain,” he said.  Then he remembered he should get his raincoat back at the house.

When he got back to the house he saw a big, big, GIANT dragon that scared him away.  He ran very fast.

The dragon was red and blue with a big scary face.  His mouth was open, showing his sharp teeth.

As Cutey ran away he bumped into a princess.  She had a pet dog.

“Oh no,” she said.  “Get away.  You can’t come into my tower.  But I will help you escape from the big scary dragon.  You can even be my new pet.”

The princess went into the house where the dragon was.  She wasn’t afraid and she told him, “get away!  Fly back to where you came from.  And never come back here again or else I’ll call the army in to get you.”

Cutey felt really happy!

But then Cutey remembered that his best friend was still missing.  Cutey hopped on a bus to Happy Street.  After he got to Happy Street he looked all around the town for his best friend.  It was sunny now.

Cutey the dog went over to Funny Park.  He saw his best friend Rexy paddling in Wavy Lake and having fun in the water.

“Can I join you?” Cutey said.

“Of course you can play with me,” said Rexy.

The friends are really happy that they have found each other and they can play together.

They decided to go on a trip together to Romania.  They met a beautiful fairy while they were in Romania.  She was called Tinkerbell and she wore a beautiful dress and had a cup in her hand full of magic pixie dust.

Cutey and Rexy were really excited to meet the fairy and asked her, “do you want to play with us.”

“No,” she said.  “But don’t go away.  I have to do something with this fairy dust.  I’m going to make everything fly.”

Cutey was a bit afraid and so was Rexy.

The fairy changed her mind and decided to play with them.  “Do you guys want to come to the moon with me?” the fairy asked.

Cutey and Rexy were excited and yelled at the fairy “YEAH!”

On the way to the moon, Rexy went missing again.  “It’s OK,” said the fairy.  “I just magically made him go away and cast a spell on him.  I made him disappear.”

Cutey giggled and laughed and said, “that trick you did was very very funny!”

They all arrived at the moon and they had a big party.  They had sweets and chocolate.  They played games like hide and go seek and snakes and ladders.  They had lots of fun playing limbo and singing “limbo-limbo- limbo.”

The moon was getting ready to shine and come out in the sky.  The party came to an end and the fairy travelled down to earth with her two new friends.

They were all very happy and a bit tired after all their adventures.  They looked up at the sky and saw the moon shining down on them and the fairy went flying back to her palace. 

Rexy and Cutey and the fairy and the princess and her pet dog, and even the giant dragon lived happily ever after.