A crow’s revenge

​Lacken NS, 5th / 6th Class, County Wicklow, 26th September 2017

It was a rainy evening and Skirt and Fred were planning to go to the movies.

Then their enemy John the Crow pooped on their heads.

“I am going to bring you on the Jeremy Kyle Show” said Skirt the Sloth.

”Hell, no” said John, flying into a lamp post. Skirt and Fred laughed and John cried.

Then they got back to planning.

“We have to get tickets for a suitable movie and then we can sneak into the one we want” scoffed Skirt.

“No way – it is way too risky and scary” said Fred curling into a ball.

They were alone on a bare hill. Meanwhile, John the Crow was in hospital planning revenge.

He rang the owner of the cinema and told him what Skirt and Fred were planning to do…