A Crispy Situation

St.Fiachras SNS, Beaumont, 6th Class, 9th October 2012
Señor Dylan the Dancing Dorito was in his room practising his salsa dancing in front of the mirror.  

He was thinking of the time three years ago, right outside Mexico, where he first met Mr Mouse. 

Mr Mouse looked like a squirrel with a sword. He wore green and black assassin robes that had run slightly in the wash. 

Señor Dylan and Mr Mouse had been best friends until Mr Mouse betrayed Señor Dylan by hanging around with the gang of jelly snakes. 

Señor Dylan was even more upset when he checked his status on Facebook and found out he had been unfriended by Mr Mouse. 

To make matters worse, Mr Mouse and the jelly snakes had the eaten the rest of Señor Dylan’s family in a pack of chili-flavour Doritos.

Disrupting his thoughts, Terry the Taco knocked on the door.

“Hola, Señor,” he said.  “How are you?  I have bad news. Mademoiselle Moo, your dance teacher, has just retired.”

“Ay caramba!” sobbed Dylan. “Now what shall I do?”

Terry the Taco continued, “Unfortunately, your new dance teacher is the one, the only, Mr. Mouse........”