The Crazy Scientist who became a Crazy Ninja

Central Model Senior School, 2nd Class, 4th March 2010
One stormy night, a crazy scientist made a crazy robot.

He went out to buy some tools to finish the robot and he saw an ad for a ninja school. A hand popped out of the ad and punched him and shouted, “HIIIIIIYA!”

He grabbed the hand and pushed it back into the magazine and yelled, “HIYAYAYAYAYAYA!”

The ad said, “You are welcome to our school of ninjas.” He put the magazine back on the rack and the shop keeper stared at him.

Then Crazy and Robot, his invented friend,  decided to go the ninja school. He saw his crazy girlfriend there too. She saw him and said, “Yoohoo!”

She slapped him and said, “Why did you break up with me! I’m going out with a robot now because I’m a crazy monkey robot!”    

Robot said, “You need to go to this ninja school to learn how to protect yourself.”