The Crazy Adventures of Madame Gobstopper

Rathdown Junior School, 3rd Class, 7 October 2009
Once upon a time there was a 92-year-old French lady who was very rude. Her name was Madame Gobstopper.

One day, she was ironing her clothes and singing “Mama Mia!” Her singing was so awful that she broke her own pair of glasses. “Mama Mia!” she shouted.

Madame Gobstopper’s mother thought she was calling her and she zoomed downstairs in her red candy  sports car with wheels made of lollipops. She kept bashing into things on the way. She had lost her licence because she was so old… she was one million years old! When she finally got there, she told Madame Gobstopper in her Jamaican accent: “You shoulda gone to Specsavers.”  She then shaped her giant afro into a star.

Madame Gobstopper hated the taste of sweets, but loved how they smelled so she lived in a palace made of sweets and chocolates. Unfortunately, the palace attracted all the children in the town and Madame Gobstopper was terrified of children.

The children were trying to get in one day, as usual, by biting through the chocolate gates. They did this even though there were electricified metal bars underneath. Madame Gobstopper hurried to call the police.

Her eyesight was so bad, though, she picked up one of the children by mistake. That was how the little boy got past her high security gate.