Cookie Gang

Galway Educate Together National School, Newcastle Road, Galway City, 5th Class

Oscar the Oreo lives in the “Reduced To Clear” section in Pesco. His friend Patricia the Pie lives on the shelf opposite him.

They meet up in a bar underneath the shelves. Obese Owen lives underneath the Oreo shelf.

Patricia and Oscar argue about who tastes better. Oskar says, “I’m nicer because I’m a cookie.”

Patricia doesn’t respond because someone picks her up to buy her.

Patricia says, “ No, don’t eat me, I’m past my sell-by date!” The consumer puts her back.

Obese Owen picks up Oscar the Oreo and is going towards the till with Oscar.

Oscar screams. Owen puts him down -  but in a different section with the orange juice.

The orange juice says, “You’re too sweet. You don’t belong here!”

Patricia rolls over to the fruit section and is now back with Oscar.

The oranges say together, “We should take him to the boss.”

They march him up to Kevin the Kiwi, who is sitting on a throne of orange peels.

Oscar thinks that Kevin the Kiwi is really cool and he says, “You’re my hero!”

Kevin wants to put Oscar in prison.

Kevin tells Oscar, “I’m not a hero, I’m actually evil.

Instead of putting you in prison, I will put you in the swimming pool with the coco sharks”...