Cookie and Oreo

St. Thomas SNS, Tallaght, 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 25 May 2021

One summer evening in Cookieland, Oreo, the black and white dog, and Cookie, the golden brown dog, went to the Oreo shop.

Oreo went over to the original oreos and Cookie went to the golden oreos. 

After they got the oreos they left the shop, only to see two people in a pound truck.

Oreo and Cookie ran away but the people got out of the Pound truck and chased them. 

“Run” shouted Oreo. 

Suddenly, Cookie was caught. 

“Run far away,” Cookie screamed in a scared voice.

Oreo ran as fast as he could until he reached a dead end. He jumped over the wall and found Tasha, the golden labrador. 

“My friend is captured,” Oreo said in a frightened voice. “Can you help me get him?”

Tasha said, “I saw everything and I might have a few friends that can help.”

Then, the Pound truck drove along and Tasha and Oreo attacked the truck to save Cookie. 

Suddenly, the Gardai showed up and arrested the two pound people because they threatened the dogs...