Colourful’s Best Wish

Holy Child National School, Whitehall, 2nd Class, 21 December 2011
Colourful the lollipop lived in a jar, in a shop.

One day a little girl called Sarah got him as a present from her mother. 

Sarah licked him but she didn’t really like him.  She dropped him on the floor in the living room in her house.

Sarah’s dog tried to pick up Colourful but he couldn’t, so he pushed him under the couch.

Under the couch, Colourful met a doughnut called Bobby.

‘Hello, my name is Bobby,’ said the doughnut.

‘Hi, I’m Colourful,’ said Colourful.

Suddenly, Sarah dropped a fizzy drink on the floor. 


It spilled underneath the couch.

Colourful screamed!


‘What’s wrong?’ said Bobby.

‘I’m afraid of fizzy drinks!’ said Colourful.

Bobby screamed too because he didn’t want to get soggy.

Colourful and Bobby spotted a bit of leather hanging down from the bottom of the couch and hung onto it.

They swung from the leather into a remote controlled car. 

Sarah brought the car outside to play. She didn’t notice Colourful or Bobby.